Gigantic Hack: Passwords stolen from 1.4 million XRP Wallet users!

Gigantic Hack: Passwords stolen from 1.4 million XRP Wallet users!

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Hackers apparently stole and published passwords and other information from 1.4 million user accounts of XRP wallet provider GateHub, much more than the company initially admitted.

Troy Hunt, founder of the Internet security website “Have I Been Pwnd?” has uncovered a gigantic data leak at XRP wallet operator GateHub. According to him, information was stolen by 1.4 million users and made public on hacker forums, including email addresses, mnemonic sentences, wallet hashes, and passwords.

Extent of hack much larger than admitted

The actual hack took place in early June, but its full extent has apparently only recently become known. In addition to the theft of data, around ten million US dollars were also stolen in the form of the cryptocurrency ripple (XRP) from about 100 wallets.

In a July statement on their investigations, the GateHub operators merely admitted that the data had been stolen by 18,473 users. “A very small percentage of our total user base,” as it was then. However, according to recent revelations, this assessment was either a mistake or a lie.

YouTube hackers capture Ripple (XRP)

Not only through direct hacking can XRP be stolen. One current common tactic is hacking large YouTube channels and then posing as Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. This is what happened with the verified YouTuber MarcoStyle.

A profile picture of Garlinghouse, in conjunction with the high number of subscribers and a possible verification of trust, which the fraudsters exploit mercilessly. They strip their viewers of their XRP with false promises of big profits. In the case of MarcoStyle 15,000 US dollars have been stolen before the rightful owner got back his channel.

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