Get rid of the annoying red dots in your Facebook app

Get rid of the annoying red dots in your Facebook app

Facebook is testing a new feature where you decide which red dots you can still see in the mobile application.

You probably have already been annoyed by it; those annoying red dots in your Facebook app. And then also for functions that you might not even use, such as Marketplace.

Red catches your attention

Facebook has used the red color from the beginning to indicate that there is ‘something new’. New notifications also receive a red dot in iOS, for example. In the meantime we know it, red attracts our attention, whether we like it or not.

However, since a number of Facebook updates many users inadvertently also receive notifications of functions that they never even use. In my case that is Marketplace. Many users complain about this. Facebook is now testing a new feature where you as the user decide whether you want to get the red dots or not. Finally!

Earlier in June a Twitter user noticed that the feature was already in her Android application.

Still in test phase

Unfortunately, Facebook has informed TechCrunch that it is currently testing the new feature only with a small proportion of iOS and Android users. To find out if you are part of the test group: go to Settings & Privacy> Settings> Notification dots. If you tap this, you can choose which red dots you want to see.

I have already been given the function in the latest update and immediately turned off the Marketplace dots.

This new position is surprising in itself. The social media platform has had to deal with notifications and red dots lately, as users spend less and less time on the platform. Reports and red dots on the contrary would ensure that users keep coming back to the application.

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