German 5G auction generates billions

German 5G auction generates billions

The German government raised almost 6.6 billion euros with the auction of spectrum licenses for 5G. This was reported by the Bundesnetzagentur, which organized the auction.

The largest bidders are Deutsche Telekom, which deposited 2.2 billion euros for the licenses and Vodafone, which accounted for 1.9 billion euros, Telefónica Deutschland paid 1.4 billion euros, and newcomer to the German telecom market Drillisch imposed 1.1 billion euros table.

The bidding battle for the frequencies lasted 52 days.The revenue from the 5G auction was considerably higher than Berlin had expected. An amount of 3 billion to 5 billion euros was targeted in advance.

The German government is going to use the money for investments in digital infrastructure.

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