Genius is filing a lawsuit against Google for copied lyrics

On the basis of a small detail, Genius has noted that Google copied his data for lyrics without permission.

If you have recently searched for song lyrics on Google, then you have probably noticed that you will see a separate frame at the top of the search results page with the full text immediately. That is of course useful for us as an end user, but for the company where the data is today, it is less useful if the right licenses are missing. For example, Google would wrongly use data from Genius, known for its large database of song lyrics, and even literally copy lyrics. Genius has now filed a lawsuit because Google would violate anti-trust laws and user agreements.

It’s in the details

You may be wondering what Genius bases its accusations on and how the company is so certain. This is due to a small skill in the lyrics. Genius uses straight and curved apostrophes as a kind of watermark. Nice to know is that these apostrophes in most cases spell “red handed” in morse code. In this case, Google is really glowing as well, since there were more than 100 incidents in which Genius found his watermark. Genius also indicates that this problem has been occurring for years and that it has raised this issue with Google itself in 2017.

The denial phase

Google itself, on the other hand, denies that it genuinely uses lyrics from Genius for the boxes on search results pages. Initially, the search giant indicated that it gets its content from LyricFind Inc and has the necessary licenses for it. LyricFind itself also denies that it takes over the lyrics of Genius. In the meantime, Google has further expanded this statement:

The texts that are displayed on Google Search in the information boxes and in the Knowledge Panels are licensed from various sources and are not scraped from websites. We take the quality of the data and the rights of the creator very seriously and hold our license partners responsible for the terms of our agreement. We are investigating this issue with our data partners and if we discover that partners are not following good practice, we will end our agreements.

With this, the search giant indicates that it is going to check that everything is right with its partner LyricFind and that the possible debt would lie there and not with itself. So now it seems that we have to wait for a reaction from LyricFind.

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