From iOS 13, Siri plays music from external streaming services

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Apple opens Siri’s SiriKit to external developers from iOS 13. This makes it possible to integrate applications, including music streaming services such as Spotify.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in California is still in full swing. At the beginning of the week, the company first showed the latest version of iOS, iOS 13. In the 13th version, there are a lot of changes that you can see immediately, such as the dark theme. At the same time there are changes that you will not see immediately, for example because they are processed in specific apps. For example, in iOS 13 you can type by swiping , Apple Mail is given the option of applying desktop formatting and many privacy measures have been taken. It is now known that Siri will also be given the option to stream music from external streaming services, to which Spotify may also belong.

Opening up Apple’s SiriKit

However, before Spotify and other external streaming services can work with Siri, Apple must open the SiriKit for external developers. If we are to believe MacRumors , that is exactly what Apple will do from iOS 13. This makes it possible for the voice assistant to also play external music, podcast, radio, TV and audiobook apps in addition to the Apple Music, TV and Podcast apps. operate. According to the website, the lawsuit that Spotify has filed against Apple is partly about the integration of Spotify in the Siri assistant. The company believes that by retaining Siri for Apple services only, the US hardware giant would abuse its power by fending competition.

For the time being, you don’t have to expect much from it. If it is true that Apple will indeed open up the SiriKit to external parties, then the developers of these apps must first get the integration in order. Next, we have to wait for the release of iOS 13 for the general public. Currently there is only a closed beta of iPadOS and iOS, in July Apple would roll out the first public beta . From that moment it is probably waiting for the unveiling of the new iPhones around September, usually the unveiling of a new iPhone goes together with a new version of iOS. It would certainly be a good step forward for Apple’s assistant.

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