Fortnite gets new zombie mode in which players must work together

fortnite zombie mode

The shooting game Fortnite has been given a new mode: Horde Rush. In this, players do not compete against each other, but must defeat hundreds of enemies together. The new mode is available immediately.

Fortnite is known for the Battle Royale game mode, in which players must defeat each other in an increasingly smaller playing field. In the new mode, players have to work together to beat an ever-increasing hurdle of computer-controlled zombies.

Horde Rush is similar to the save-the-world mode that game developer Epic Games initially developed until the free battle-royal version became popular. In this paid game mode, players could build their own fortress to resist increasing amounts of zombies.

Horde Rush works in a similar way, but is playable via the free-to-play version of the game. Four players compete against hordes of zombies, with a final boss to be defeated at the end.

Just like in the battle-royal mode, players must look for weapons. In addition, they can collect materials to build forts.

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