Former Microsoft employee arrested for stealing $ 10 million in cryptocurrencies

Former Microsoft employee arrested for stealing $ 10 million in cryptocurrencies

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A former Microsoft employee has been arrested for stealing $ 10 million in cryptocurrency.

Tesla car and house by a lake

With the proceeds, the man is said to have purchased a Tesla car worth $ 160,000. In addition, the man bought a house by a lake worth about $ 1.7 million.

In total, in the 7 months after the theft, he transferred about $ 2.8 million of the total of $ 10 million to his own bank account.

Crypto gift vouchers

The man, Volodymyr Kvashuk, is a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen. He is accused of having stolen cryptocurrency gift cards. The man could then exchange it for Microsoft products, which he could then sell for profit. In this way, the man was able to keep his practices up for a long period of time.


Earlier this year, cryptocurrency holders already announced that their Microsoft e-mail services had been attacked by hackers. The aim of the hackers was to find out whether the victims where holding crypto assets.

The attack was partly successful; some victims claimed that someone violated their Microsoft account and could use it to change their Kraken password.

Now it seems that one of the hackers has been arrested.

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