For the first time, WHO recognizes ‘excessive gaming’ as an official disorder

The WHO has officially included gaming disorders in the ICD-11 Handbook for Diagnostic Diseases. The health organization classifies excessive gaming in the addiction diseases category, and appears in the list after gambling addiction.

The WHO had had an explanation on the website about gaming disorder for some time, but since last week the organization has also officially agreed to mention excessive gaming as a disorder in the International Classification of Diseases , version 11. WHO member states agreed during the World Health Assembly.

This means that from 2022, excessive gaming will officially appear as a disorder in the handbook for diagnosing diseases, used by doctors and other health professionals. The decision is against the sore leg of some game makers, who had asked the WHO not to recognize excessive gaming as a disorder.

For years there has been recognition of game addiction as an official disorder. This was already being discussed by the WHO in 2017 after years of discussion. Proponents believe that recognizing the disorder can help tackle the problems that are seen with game addiction.

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