Five Romanian hospitals targeted by cyber attack

ransomware attack

Five hospitals in the Romanian capital Bucharest are the target of a cyber attack. Various Romanian media report this. Opposite the news platform Stiri Lazi, the Romanian Minister of Health has announced that patients will be affected by the attack.

It is not yet clear what the attack is. According to the first reports, there are different systems in hospitals that are experiencing problems with a virus. Patient records would not be accessible in one of the hospitals.

Hospitals are more often the target of cyber attacks, for example, several hospitals in Great Britain were hit by a large-scale cyber attack in 2017.

In addition, several American cities have already been the target of ransomware attacks this year, causing systems to fall flat and various services becoming inoperative.

In many cases it is ransomware, with which files on computers are encrypted. Institutions can no longer access their files, such as patient files in hospitals.

Hackers then demand ransom money in exchange for releasing the files. If payment is not made, the files will be lost.

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