Fake bitcoin wallet steals money from users

Fake bitcoin wallet steals money from users

Fake bitcoin wallet steals money from users

Attention: The app “Bitcoin Core – BTC Wallet” does not manage the cryptocurrency of users, but redirects them to the account of scammers! The malware looks a lot like a popular app.

fake bitcoin wallet
Hard to distinguish: on the left the original, on the right the fake app.

Those who trade bitcoins need to be careful! The Coin Company website detected a fake wallet app that collects their users’ bitcoins from the account. The app is a deceptive copy of the popular app “BRD-Wallet”. The original has over 500,000 downloads in the Google Play Store.

Rip-off app in the Google Play Store

Users rely on wallet programs such as the BRD wallet to manage their crypto account balance. Since cryptocurrencies like bitcoin exist only in the net, all transactions take place only online. The counterfeit “Bitcoin Core – BTC Wallet” indicates a different recipient address when receiving funds. Bitcoin, which should actually go into their own pocket, go to the account of the fraudsters. Over 1,000 times the fake app has already been downloaded. Coin Company has already informed Google about the fraud.

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