Facebook improves ranking of responses to posts

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Facebook will make the ranking of responses more meaningful via a new algorithm. Your time spent on Facebook therefore becomes better and more interesting.

Facebook will use a new algorithm to make the ranking of responses to posts more meaningful. As a user, you initially saw reactions from a friend, because the company felt that that ranking was more relevant. Even if the author of the post responds slightly to his own post, that response is set higher in the ranking.

Automatic relevance

You have probably thought it before: “Why do I get to see those irrelevant responses from someone on the other side of the ocean?” It is always nice to read the responses to certain posts with the most likes, often be funny or hit the nail on the head. But to see those responses, you first had to filter for ‘most relevant’ as a user.

With the new algorithm you as a user would see those ‘most relevant’ responses faster. Anyone who has already switched on the automatic ranking will be given the option to switch it off again and vice versa. With this update, Facebook wants to make your time on the platform more meaningful and especially interesting.

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