Expanding storage memory with Apple Mac Pro is not that easy

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Apple launched the Mac Pro (2019) during WWDC. Meanwhile, AppleInsider has looked at the expansion possibilities of the desktop computer, the possibilities seem quite limited.

During the opening speech of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the company presented a new Mac Pro for the first time since 2016. The company also said it is very proud of how easy it is to access the components. By moving a turntable at the top, you can easily lift the metal exterior of the computer. If that happened, you can replace all components. Yet replacing the SSDs is not that easy; AppleInsider has discovered that the SSDs are not equipped with a ‘standard’ connector, according to the report Apple would use its own proprietary connection.

Apple’s proprietary connection

AppleInsider has placed an extensive investigation for the special connection. For this, it has used information that Apple has posted on its website to date. This shows that the design has similarities with msata, but at the same time has a pin layout that differs from that. This means there is a good chance that Apple will use its own design for the Mac Pro’s connectors, probably based on the PCIe protocol. It is not the first time for Apple to use their own connector. Earlier Macs also came with their own connection, which was not consistent with a standard design. So you cannot install any extra storage yourself.

Therefore, you are ‘stuck’ to the SSD options that Apple currently gives you. That starts with a 256GB SSD that is in the basic version. You can also opt for twice 512GB, twice 1TB and finally 2TB twice is also an option. Of course there will be a considerable price tag attached to it. In practice, Apple probably uses the same SSDs as in current MacBook Pros, which achieve read and write speeds of up to 2.7 and 2.6 GB / s respectively. It ‘s not that easy to expand the SSDs . On the one hand you could opt for the – slow – SATA connections that are present in the Mac Pro. For professionals, however, you are more likely to think of new and fast PCIe SSDs .

Expand Apple Mac Pro

Overall, Apple has placed eight PCIe ports on the Mac Pro motherboard. Of course you have to place the graphics cards in the eight ports, but even then there is more than enough room for PCIe SSDs. In addition, the Mac Pro 2019 is Apple’s first desktop computer to use its MXM modules. Manufacturers can in principle use the protocol to get started themselves to develop SSDs for the desktop. It is still unknown to what extent manufacturers will actually deal with MXM SSDs. What is clear is that Apple is on its way to closing its ecosystem from all sides, including the new Apple T2 security chip.

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