Evercoin releases new hardware wallet with built-in exchange

Evercoin releases new hardware wallet with built-in exchange

Evercoin releases new hardware wallet with built-in exchange

The Evercoin 2 hardware wallet is protected with Yubikey 5c and offers end-to-end encryption. The Evercoin 2 is the first hardware wallet with a built-in exchange. Experts warn: a wallet is only properly tested when it has been hacked for the first time.

Evercoin released the Evercoin 2 hardware wallet on Tuesday during the New York Consensus Invest Summit. According to Evercoin, this is the safest crypto wallet ever. The new wallet must make crypto protection accessible to everyone.

The wallet supports 20 cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Two less than Ledger. But it knows how to distinguish itself with the built-in exchange. This allows the user to act and swap much more interactively crypto without having to retrieve their private key from the wallet.


Evercoin co-founder Miko Matsumura says about the wallet:

The Evercoin solution works just like a hotel key, you put the key in your phone and your wallet is unlocked

The wallet is specifically designed for iPhones and telephones with a USB-C port. Matsumura indicates that if you have lost your private key or even your entire hardware wallet, Evercoin can help you get your crypto back. For example, by showing your proof of identity. Evercoin lowers the threshold for using a hardware wallet.


Security expert Jefferies from CipherTrace indicates that every new wallet is actually always unsafe: this is because the wallet cannot possibly be tested for every scenario. The advice of Jefferies is to buy the Evercoin 2 only after the first hacks. The same has happened with Ledger and Trezor who have become much safer thanks to the hacks.

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