Europol and Dutch police arrest suspects in bitcoin theft (BTC)

Europol, in collaboration with the British and Dutch police, has arrested six people on suspicion of theft of $ 27 million in cryptocurrency . This is stated in an official press release from Europol that was published yesterday.

The six individuals, five men and a woman, were arrested almost simultaneously in Charlcombe, Lower Weston, Staverton, Amsterdam and Rotterdam after a 14-month investigation. According to the press release it is about the theft of bitcoin and there are at least 4,000 victims in 12 countries.

The detainees reportedly used typosquatting. In this form of fraud, people are led to a website with a web address that is very similar to the original legitimate version. On this scam website, login data is subsequently recorded by criminals. With the stolen data, the alleged harness gained access to cryptocurrency wallets and the credits on them.

Recently Cryptohopper, a crypto trading bot website, ​​was the victim of similar practices. A copy of the Cryptohopper website was used to install rogue software on the victim’s computer that was used to steal cryptocurrency.

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