Europe decides: ‘Skype is a telecom service’

The button has been cut! The European Court of Justice has determined that Skype, owned by Microsoft, is a telecom service. Until now, Skype considered itself an internet service. BIPT was thus right in its decision.

How it started

Everything started in 2016 when the American company received a hefty fine from BIPT. The Belgian watchdog found that it is an electronic communication service and therefore falls under the telecom legislation. This means that Microsoft must comply with its rules regarding network security, data protection and access to emergency services.

Of course, the American company did not agree with this ruling and went to the EU court. The European then decided that SkypeOut is a paying service and therefore falls under the name ‘telecom service’, a directive from 2002. The normal version of Skype, which is not paying, is just about internet or VoIP.

According to media, BIPT is of the opinion that Skype ignores the rules and can therefore compete unfairly with other telecom services. But that is now changing.

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