Espressif announces ESP32-S2 chip

Espressif has announced the ESP32-S2 Secure Wi-Fi MCU. It is a variant of the popular ESP32 microcontroller with built-in WiFi. Among other things, the microcontroller has support for USB OTG. Bluetooth support is not there.

ESP32-S2 Espressif has built the ESP32-S2 around the Xtensa LX7, a 32-bit singlecore that does its work at 240MHz. This offers a calculation power of 2 to 64flops per cycle, depending on the implementation. The regular ESP32 is based on the slower LX6 but had two cores.

However, the most important addition to the ESP32 is that the S2 has direct support for USB OTG. Furthermore, the chip has 320 kB sram, 128 kB rom and 16 kB rtc memory. Of course there is support for Wi-Fi but there is no Bluetooth support. With regard to I / O, there are 42 gpios, among other things. The chip is contained in a qfn package of 7x7mm, which means that it can be integrated into wearables, among other things.

The ESP32 is a popular chip for electronics hobby projects thanks to the combination of economy, limited size, low price of a few dollars and support for Wi-Fi.

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