Epic Games buys maker of video chat app Houseparty

Epic Games has purchased video chat app Houseparty. It is unknown how much the maker of Fortnite and the Unreal engine pays for the maker of the video chat service. It is also unclear what Epic will do with the app.

Houseparty says in the announcement that thanks to the takeover it can help more people to reach others. What that will mean in practice is as yet unclear. In a short faq, Houseparty reports that nothing has changed in the app for the time being. The accounts for both services also remain separate.

Houseparty emphasizes in the announcement that the future Epic has more money available for acquisitions than before thanks to the success of Fortnite. So it is also busy with the acquisition of Psyonix , the creator of the game Rocket League.

The video chat app is from the makers of Meerkat, a service for streaming videos on Twitter. Houseparty makes it possible to video chat with multiple contacts at the same time. The number of users is unknown. On Android, the app has between five and ten million installations.

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