EOS developer Block.one buys domain name for $ 30 million

EOS rate finds resistance on the way to $ 8.00

Earlier this month, Block.one, the developer of the EOS blockchain network, announced a social media platform called Voice. The platform, which has already cost around $ 150 million, will at least cost an additional $ 30 million now that Block.one has purchased the Voice.com domain.

You read that right, Block.one has paid no less than $ 30 million to the previous owner – the company MicroStrategy – for the hip domain name. The sale took place two days before the announcement of the new platform. MicroStrategy also appears to have a HODL (Hold on For Dear Life) strategy, but for domain names instead of cryptocurrency. For example, the company also appears to own other valuable domain names such as Wisdom.com and Hope.com.

Voice must become a social media platform that is built on the EOS blockchain. CEO Brendan Blumer explained during the presentation that the platform would be better geared to the world, support the community with good content and would not sell user data to the highest bidder. Interestingly, the price of EOS fell after the announcement, indicating that few people were impressed by the news.

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