Dropbox launches new all-in-one desktop app

Dropbox launches its new desktop application. All your favorite tools as Trello or Slack in 1 application. This is the new Dropbox.

How Dropbox started as a simple cloud service, it is now expanding into a fully-fledged all-in-one application for your desktop in which you can manage your entire workflow. The cloud service had to contend with strong competition from Google, Trello and Microsoft Office for some time. Now it jumps on that cart and brings all these different tools in one application with its new application.

The company itself speaks of ‘the new Dropbox’. The cloud service will therefore receive a huge update. The intention is that your entire workflow happens in that one app, without you having to leave it. There are links with Trello, Slack, Google Docs and Microsoft Office. The goal is that this increases your productivity and makes your search for ‘that one document’ a thing of the past.

A new workflow

The new application has not yet been launched, but you can already request access via an ‘early access’ registration. After registration you will shortly receive an email in which you can get started with the new desktop app.

Dropbox speaks on its new product website from 1 home base in which all tools and material come together. The new app would be available for Windows and macOS, but it is not yet clear when the ‘early access’ users will gain access.

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