Dr. Mario World will be released on July 10 for iOS and Android

dr mario world

Dr. Mario World will be released on July 10 for iOS and Android. Nintendo announced the release date of the mobile game on Tuesday, along with more details about the game. The game is free, but does receive micro transactions.

The pre-registration of the game is open immediately for both the Play Store and the App Store. The game itself will be available on July 10. Nintendo announced Dr. Mario World at the beginning of January .

In the puzzle game, players must use pills to defeat viruses. The game is free to play, but does receive micro transactions. They appear in the form of Diamonds with which players can keep playing, or beat more viruses at the same time. Initially there are five worlds in the game, but according to Nintendo that will be more later. In addition to Dr. Mario is also possible with other Nintendo characters such as Dr. Peach, Dr. Yoshi and Dr. Toad to play. They all have their own unique skill that is required to play the game.


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