DJI’s robot for children: get to know RoboMaster

DJI launches a robot for children. Meet RoboMaster S1. The educational robot tank with which children learn programming.

DJI, the company behind the famous drones, has now also introduced a robot on wheels. Meet the RoboMaster S1. A robot that wants to teach children how to program in a fun and educational way.

The Chinese drone company is said to have worked for two years on this smart robot for children. DJI had already indicated that they would be organizing competitions for robots. The RoboMaster S1 has, like a tank, four wheels, a gimbal, a speaker with camera and infrared sensors. The new robot can be taught to follow someone and has a top speed of 12 km / h. In addition, the robot should last up to 35 minutes with a full battery.

Control via smartphone

You control the RoboMaster via an app on your smartphone. Using Python and Scratch 3.0, children can write programs for the robot. DJI states on its website that the S1 creates a bridge between ‘abstract theory and practice in reality’ with its robot.

Moreover, it is intended that the children assemble the robot themselves because DJI supplies the parts separately. From Monday the new RoboMaster is going to be for sale for 499 dollars.

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