DJI drones receive ads-b receiver to detect aircrafts and helicopters

All new DJI drones that weigh more than 250 grams will receive an ads-b receiver from next year. This allows the drones to warn their owners when they are near planes and helicopters.

It is only about an ads-b receiver, says DJI . The drones cannot send a signal to helicopters, airplanes or the control tower. Moreover, the drone will not adjust its course, but only those who fly the drone will warn that it is on a collision course with an airplane or helicopter. The course must be adjusted manually.

DJI says the receiver will come on all new models that it will release from early 2020, if the drone weighs 250 grams or more. For example, the Spark is 300g, while the Mavic Air is 430 grams. There is no current model that falls below the self-set limit of 250 g.

The manufacturer calls the AirSense function and it is one of ten points in a new safety plan. That should make flying with drones safer for the consumer and business markets. DJI is the market leader in consumer drones.

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