Developers GandCrab ransomware would end their plans forever

The organization behind the infamous ransomware called GandCrab has announced that their profitable project will soon come to an end.

A large part of the ransomware that is currently being used comes from the same source and belongs to the same species, namely GandCrab. In short, GandCrab is a form of ransomware that is offered for sale on the dark web by a gang of cyber criminals. That ransomware can be purchased by anyone and spread across the worldwide web in the hope of winning tons of money. ZDNet learned from an internal source in the malware world that the organization behind GandCrab is now ” going to retire “.

Millions of euros

The reason for the GandCrab gang’s retirement is not very complicated. The developers have earned enough money to fully enjoy life in the coming years. There is no exact total amount, but in the forum message below you can read that the developers earned about $ 2.5 million a week and that they had an average of $ 150 million in revenue each year. How truthful these figures are is of course disputable, but the final note remains that it was a hugely profitable project.


However, the forum message ends with a very ominous message. It can be read that all unlock keys will also disappear in a few weeks and that afterwards victims will no longer be able to save their infected files. However, this can be a stunt to increase their income at the last moment by frightening victims. Cyber ​​security company Bitdefender has also worked on keys to unblock the blocked files and is currently doing the same for the latest generation of malware. It is therefore not necessary to contact the cyber criminals quickly to unlock your files.

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