Cryptocurrency news site CCN collapses under Google update and closes its doors

CCN, one of the most popular American cryptocurrency news websites on the internet, will close. The company reports this on its website in an announcement on 10 June.

CCN reports that the number of visitors via mobile phones has decreased by 71% after an adjustment by Google on 3 June, called the June 2019 Core Update. What exactly is going on, however, is unclear.

Jonas Borchgrevink, founder and director of CNN, says that the website had previously seen a decrease in visitor numbers, but never so strongly. Borchgrevink also says that it has become impossible to continue CCN as the team is now larger than ever. The team was paid via the advertisements on the website.

CCN was founded in 2013 under the name CryptoCoinNews. Together with Cointelegraph and Coindesk, it is one of the most visited crypto news sites. Data from show that Cointelegraph also saw a decrease of 21.1% and CoinDesk a decrease of 34.6%.

Borchgrevink also writes that sites such as The Daily Mail, a major British gossip newspaper, saw its visitors drop considerably. It is therefore speculated that Google is now taking a harder position against clickbait- like titles with the recent update. Although CCN describes itself as impartial, the website was full of contributed pro-Trump and other alt-right articles.

Jonas Borchgrevink is quite disappointed:

If Google thinks that CCN, all of a sudden – remember, literally overnight -, is bad, then why not give us the chance to understand the why and give us a way to change before any major update. Instead, we are kicked in the teeth overnight with zero knowledge of what we have done wrong, impacting a team of 60+ people.

6 years of work is evaporated.

These employees are being impacted:

Samburaj Das is our Chief Editor for the past 4 years, located in Bangalore, India. Josiah Wilmoth who is our US Editor, just moved into a new home this year in Virginia with his family of 4 due to the security of his job. Gerelyn Terzo, our assistant editor located in New Jersey. Pamela Meropiali, our talent scout and CHRO based in Portugal. Pankaj Upadhyay, our operations manager located in New Delhi. Paul “P. H.” Madore, our crypto content manager and single dad with four kids based out of Arkansas. Sam Bourgi, our Chief Editor of William Grant, our video anchorman from New Jersey. Sundas Azis, our video producer from New Jersey. Plus many more part-timers, freelancers, and contractors.

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