Craig ‘Faketoshi’ Wright cries during stolen bitcoins (BTC) lawsuit

Craig 'Faketoshi' Wright cries during stolen bitcoins (BTC) lawsuit

Craig “Faketoshi” Wright was recently heard in a lawsuit. He still insisted on being the original creator of Bitcoin and even broke into tears. However, he was unable to provide hard evidence that his claims were indeed correct.

Since the launch of Bitcoin, several people and companies have claimed to be the original creator. They have never succeeded in putting hard evidence on the table. Wright has been claiming to be “Satoshi Nakamoto” for a long time, which has led to a number of lawsuits and a whole host of threats against those who reject his claims.

One of those lawsuits is the case between Wright and Dave Kleiman. Ira Kleiman is suing Wright for allegedly having stolen a huge amount of bitcoin from his deceased brother, Dave Kleiman. Wright and Dave Kleiman would have thought of and developed Bitcoin together.

The brother of the deceased Dave Kleiman says that Wright has stolen the bitcoins resulting from the mining activities of the two. In addition, Wright would now try to take credit for Bitcoin’s success.

During his speech, Wright again claimed to be the original inventor, but that he would have concluded several agreements with Kleiman. That would entitle him to the millions of bitcoins. Because of those agreements, Wright would only have access to these bitcoins in 2020.

The judge asked Wright a number of questions about the claims that he would be Satoshi. Wright burst into tears. Crypto expert Katie Ananina was present at the hearing and tweeted:

Are you satoshi? – Yes.
Do you recognize this white paper? – I wrote it.
Why did you leave BTC and distance yourself from Satoshi? – My invention was used for bad things * cries *. They have made #silkroad and #hydra. It was used to finance child pornography.

The fact remains that Wright still cannot provide evidence for his claims. However, this would be very simple, so he can send a transaction with the wallet address that is from Satoshi. Everything at this point therefore indicates that Wright is trying to take advantage of Bitcoin’s success.

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