“Completely new Windows 1.0” most likely just the advertising campaign of the new “Stranger Things” season

windows 1.0 stranger things

A few days ago, Microsoft unexpectedly “introduced” a completely new Windows 1.0 operating system. Details were not disclosed to us, but the original Windows 1.0, which was not even the operating system, but an add-in for MS-DOS, was released in 1985.

windows 1.0 stranger things

Tonight, Microsoft posted another twitter message, saying that anyone can get a copy of Windows 1.0 today. While nothing else Microsoft has published, but most now tend to believe that this is just a creative advertising campaign of the third season of the Stranger Things series of Netflix.

The events of the new Stranger Things season, which starts just today, will be set in 1985. Earlier, Microsoft has “collaborated” with Netflix more than once in this way. So, most likely, no revolution that Microsoft promises us will happen. We will see if we cn really download the original Windows 1.0 today.

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