Chucky the murder doll kills Toy Story characters in promotional material


The new horror movie Child’s Play tells the familiar story of the possessed murderous doll Chucky again. And this time the horror doll not only chooses parents of boys as victims. The characters from Toy Story are also on his “to murder” list. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky … they all die. Say bye-bye to your childhood sentiment.

On the posters of the Child’s Play remake we see how Chucky finishes different toy dolls from Toy Story. The responses to the marketing stunt are divided. One half thinks it is “great” and “the best marketing ever!”, While others think it is “cheesy”. Whatever you think, the goal of Child’s Play’s marketing team has been achieved: we have now become curious about the remake (and whether Toy Story also plays a role in the film).


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