Calm app lets you fall asleep with Matthew McConaughey’s voice

Matthew McConaughey calm app

Calm app has added a new familiar voice to its story library. Calm, the meditation application that helps you sleep better and fall asleep using stories has won a new voice.

Bedtime stories

After Stephen Fry, the app has now brought in Matthew McConaughey. Calm app launched ‘bedtime stories’ a year ago. Meanwhile, the app has 2 million paying users with more than 150 million listened to stories and 50 million downloads. It took a while but Calm has found his business model now.

Capital injection

The app strives together with its user for a quiet life of meditation, good sleep and relaxing music. In 2017, it was voted ‘app of the year’ by the Apple Store. The company has now received a capital injection of $ 27 million for the expansion of its story series. That $ 27 million is in addition to the $ 88 million that was already invested in the app earlier in February.

Falling asleep with Matthew McConaughey

After such a strong capital round, Calm has now invested in a new storyteller. From now on you can let yourself be lulled to sleep with a story by Matthew McConaughey.

We know the American actor from, among others, Interstellar, True Detective and Mark Hanna (Hum) in The Wolf of Wall Street. The man has a very pronounced accent and fluent pronunciation. Probably that is one of the reasons why Calm chooses him.

Matthew’s story was about the wonders of the cosmos. If you don’t find that really interesting, Calm has a lot of other stories in store for you with tennis legend John McEnroe who will explain the rules of the game or chat about the Little Mermaid. It depends on what you prefer.


If this article has triggered you, you can always try it for 7 days for free. Afterwards, you pay just $59.99 per year. If you do not see the stress of the monthly / annual payment you can opt for a payment for the rest of your life. In that case, you pay $399.99 euros and are therefore lifelong with the Calm app.

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