Breaking News: Amazon accepts bitcoin (BTC) payments

Breaking News: Amazon accepts bitcoin (BTC) payments

Breaking News: Amazon accepts bitcoin (BTC) payments

Bitcoin costs $ 8,242 at the time of writing. That is 0.24% less than yesterday and 1.3% lower than exactly a week ago. Volatility is declining and the rate seems to have not yet chosen a new trend.

The price went up to $ 8,400 yesterday. With that, it touched on the point of control (POC). Because the price did not rise further, this is an important point for today.

Josh Rager also looks at the monthly open, and to close that candle positively, a little more needs to be increased.

Crypto grants

Last week the news came out that Poloniex will continue under a separate name. It no longer falls under the Circle company. The exchange is now called Polo Digital Asset.

In 2016, the stock market was the largest party in the market, but Binance has taken this place. How did it come to this in recent years?

View a timelapse of all the largest exchanges below, sorted by trading volume, over the past five years.

Hashrate in the bull market

The all-time high of the Bitcoin price is not yet in sight. The price is more than halved compared to the top of 2017. However, the hashrate (and therefore the security of the network) is only increasing.

The hashrate is in fact already seven times as large as it was in 2017. If you look at the graph below, there is no sign of a bear market.

Bitcoin and Amazon

Moon, a crypto provider, has launched an extension that allows users with crypto coins to pay at Amazon. Users of Chrome, Brave and Opera browsers can download this tool.

It uses the Lightning Network instead of a ‘normal’ on-chain transaction.

Moon users get a prepaid value on their Amazon account. These coins are automatically converted to a fiat value and that ends up in your account. The company does not charge extra costs for this service.

Bitcoin and gold

It is a comparison that is increasingly being used. Bitcoin is the digital gold? Whether you agree or disagree with this statement: BTC performs better.

Bitcoin as a Store or Value or BTC as a payment method? There is something to be said for both options. Bitcoin, however, would have been a better choice as an investment.

If you had invested $ 100 in Bitcoin nine years ago, you could now add $ 16 million to your assets. If you had put this in gold, you would have ‘only’ made $ 400 profit in 20 (!) Years.

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