Brave Breaks Into Social Media, Rolls Out Tipping Feature

The team behind the Brave browser has built out a BAT tipping function on Twitter. You can now tip your favorite content creators using Brave’s token, BAT. The Brave team is well-known for delivering viable products and cutting-edge technology, and this is the latest in a long line of developments coming out of the BAT team. Brave first began as a browser with one specific purpose–to block ads. Since then, Brave has developed into a full-suite of consumer browsing and payment tools. In 2017, Brave conducted a wildly successful ICO to gain funding.

The mission of Brave is to create a more fair and sustainable model for compensating creators. They cite problems such as spam, advertising, and other annoyances that make browsing the internet a torture as the reason for creating Brave. It’s only natural that Brave show an interest in micro-tipping, which is one of the most popular ways to reward creators. On Twitter, the Brave icon will be placed next to the Like and Retweet buttons, allowing you to quickly and easily tip your creators. You can do this all at once or in timed installments.

Micro-tipping is one of the best uses of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and puts these currencies to the test as viable alternatives to traditional currencies. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has praised cryptocurrency projects on many occasions, so this could be the start of a very beneficial relationship between BAT and Twitter. Most likely, the Brave team will continue to keep their heads down and build functionality for the average Brave user.

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