Blockchain Collectibles Comes to the NBA

The NBA and Dapper Labs have announced that they will be collaborating to deliver NBA-themed blockchain collectibles to NBA fans. This project will be called NBA Top Shot. Dapper Labs are the same company that brought Crypto Kitties to the height of its popularity, with millions of dollars worth of blockchain collectibles being traded each hour on the platform at the launch. They aim to have the same success with NBA-themed collectibles, which are said to include in-game moves such as “Joel Embiid’s dunk”. The collectibles can be used for games that are hosted on the blockchain.

This game gives the NBA gamer a bit of a unique experience, allowing them to build a roster and play games while purchasing moves and skills for their players. The NBA is also optimistic that this partnership will bring them some value in the form of increased engagement from their audience, particularly from a young age group. NBA Top Shot is slated to launch in the fall, lining up with the kickoff of the 2019 NBA season. The full game on the blockchain is scheduled to go live in 2020.

A tool for mass adoption

A unique aspect of the game is that both parties are looking to include the players into the game and ensure that they have something to benefit from the blockchain collectible-based game. The player’s endorsement will surely bring a level of legitimacy to the project and encourage young fans to interact with the game while doing so on a blockchain network. The announcement by the NBA comes shortly after other professional sports organizations announced their intentions to work closely with blockchain projects, as the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Cavaliers have recently done.

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