Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate with an increase of 47% best performing cryptocurrency of June

rise of bitcoin

June was a good month for the bitcoin (BTC) bulls . Not a small volatile altcoin was the best performing cryptocurrency of June; it was bitcoin who stole the show.

Bitcoin started the month with prices around $ 8,000, with a low of around $ 7,600. However, the largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization then started a nice bullrun .

At the peak, bitcoin was worth nearly $ 13,800, after which the bitcoin rate fell sharply. All in all, bitcoin closed the month with a value of around $ 11,200. This amounts to an increase of more than 47%!

The volatility in the price seems to be back, which offers good opportunities for traders. However, this naturally also creates the necessary risks. However, this did not prevent investors from trading with the crypto.

Bitcoin saw trading volumes of $ 45 billion for some days. This is even higher than during the famous rally in 2017, when bitcoin managed to tap the $ 20,000.

Moreover, according to, bitcoin was a good investment for 98.2% of the days of its existence. This means that bitcoin was a good investment on 3,671 days of its 3,830 days. Bitcoin was a poor investment only during the bull run in 2017 due to the sharply falling prices that followed these increases.

Bitcoin starts moderately in July. BTC is currently 7% in the min. With that it now has a value of $ 10,668 according to CoinMarketCap. The possibility of a double bottom , which could signal a trend reversal in the short term, still exists.

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