Bitcoin (BTC) developer receives $ 60,000 donation from BitMEX

Bitcoin (BTC) developer receives $ 60,000 donation from BitMEX

Bitcoin (BTC) developer receives $ 60,000 donation from BitMEX

Bitcoin Core developer Michael Ford (Fanquake on GitHub) receives a $ 60,000 donation to build bitcoin (BTC). The BitMEX derivatives exchange announced this in a blog post.

Ford has recently been able to contribute directly to the code of the Bitcoin Core database on Twitter. Bitcoin Core is a team of developers who build bitcoin.


HDR Global Trading is the company behind BitMEX and states in their statement that they find it important to support developers.

Like other companies in cryptospace, we are very dependent on (mostly voluntary) work from programmers who represent the ideal and mission of bitcoin. This work is difficult, demanding and often ungrateful.

The company believes it is their job to contribute to the development. Everyone can benefit from the developments in this way.


The donation is specifically intended for Ford to allow him to continue building the network. Important tasks: improving scalability, privacy and robustness. The big donation is not meant to get Ford to work for BitMEX, which is specifically emphasized by HDR Global Trading.

Without the millions of hours of free work from developers, BitMEX would never have existed.

Good example

With this step, BitMEX follows the good example of Jack Dorsey and others. Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and Square and has set up a special division in the latter company to build on bitcoin.

Earlier this year, he recruited a former Google employee as the first asset to Square Crypto. There are still places left, so if you have ambitions: apply at Square!

BitMEX and Square do not only support bitcoin developers. Hard Core Fund is a fund that serves a simple purpose: supporting Bitcoin Core developers.

It is a remarkable trend, but a very welcome one. Many developers build the bitcoin network for free. With more investments, more talented people can contribute to the code of the largest crypto currency. Everyone must eat, including bitcoin devs.

In addition to good marketing, these types of (relatively small) investments are beneficial to the entire ecosystem.

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