Binance destroyed $ 24 million Binance Coin (BNB) tokens

Binance destroyed $ 24 million Binance Coin (BNB) tokens

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During the eighth quarterly burning of Binance Coin tokens, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange destroyed 808,888 coins ($ 23.8 million at the current market average). The company plans to gradually get rid of all the Altcoins, which were originally allocated in favor of the team – about 40% of the total BNB emissions.

According to Changpen Zhao, the head of the exchange, Binance will develop its own ecosystem without using BNB from the initial allocation. The total offer will total 100 million BNB, now this figure is 189 million BNB, and plans to destroy another 89 million, the cost of which at the moment is almost $ 3 billion.

Zhao also said that by the end of the month the company will launch a test network for futures markets, and also announced plans to launch its own plastic card in the Visa system. In the near future, Binance does not plan to list security tokens because of the many nuances, as well as regulatory uncertainty on this issue.

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