Binance Considering More Cryptos to List

On Friday, Binance said that it is considering several dozen different cryptos for listing on its US exchange when it comes out. Binance is now the world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange, taking the crypto industry by storm and putting out many products for its customers around the world to enjoy.

After having some complications with US compliance, Binance was forced to go back to the drawing board and re-release a subsidiary specifically for the US that will be compliant and within the confines of all laws and regulations. It seems that they are now nearing the time that they can officially enter the US market with a platform that is compliant.

Though a timetable has not yet been set for a full release of the platform, Binance has already shown their ability to quickly roll out projects as shown by their launch in Singapore last month.

A New Wave of Crypto Users?

With the announcement by Binance and their stated intentions of aggressively pursuing the US market while compliant, many in the industry believe that Binance will lead to the adoption of cryptocurrency by many new investors in the states. Before now, the stigmatization of possibly illegal or non-compliant trading has driven some away. Following Binance’s launch in the US, users will be able to be more confident that their activities are fully compliant.

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