Bandai comes with new Tamagotchi with color screen and bluetooth

The Japanese toy maker Bandai is going to put the Tamagotchi back on the market. The new version has a color screen with still three physical buttons underneath. The new Tamagotchi can connect to other Tamagotchi’s for example to go out.

The original Tamagotchi was released in 1997. The device had a monochrome screen and three buttons. This device housed a Tamagotchi, a spiny little animal that had to be fed, washed and entertained. Owners cared for the creature from an egg to maturity, after which the game was played when the Tamagotchi was old enough to return to its home planet. However, those who did not pay attention to their creature for too long could lose it. The toy was very popular among the youth of that time.

The new Tamagotchi, called Tamagotchi On, does not differ much on the outside. Bandai tells Wired that the new toy also wants to appeal to the same age group as then, so young children. The creatures can walk around the house, go to a park, shop, play games, play sports and even visit other cities to meet other kinds of creatures and become friends.

In this new generation, players can also let their Tamagotchi play with each other and even get married to set up their own Tamagotchi bloodline. The Tamagotchis can also receive mail from each other. This mutual connection is via infrared. Via Bluetooth you can also connect to an app that makes it possible, among other things, to meet Tamagotchis worldwide.

The toy should be released in the US this summer for sixty dollars, said Engadget. In 2017, a Tamagotchi app for the smartphone was also released, and in the same year the original Tamagotchi was re-released in almost the same form in a limited edition.

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