Bakkt May Be Finally Launching Soon

The notorious Bitcoin future’s trading platform Bakkt may finally be getting ready to launch in the coming weeks. A statement was issued by company leadership on Thursday that did not establish an exact launch date, but confirmed that Bakkt was getting ready to launch very soon. The long-awaited platform has pushed their launch date back several times already, but experts seem confident that Bakkt will be ready to launch in the coming weeks.

The original intended launch date was in December of 2018, but delayed due to certification and compliance issues that needed to be sorted out before the rollout of the platform. As of now, Bakkt is waiting for the New York state government to approve its warehouse to begin launching its product. The delays that Bakkt have been experiencing has opened the door for other cryptocurrency futures platforms to open up, including ErisX, which is backed by TD-Ameritrade. Another competitor, LedgerX, has already launched its Bitcoin futures platform.

At one time, it was thought that Bakkt represented a real catalyst for Bitcoin and its adoption into mainstream investing. While the hope is still there that Bitcoin futures will gain traction and introduce new money to the sector, public opinion of Bakkt has taken a turn for the negative as a result of all the delays and missed deadlines.

However, hope still remains that Bakkt can produce a product that makes the general public interested in investing into cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin specifically. The coming weeks will determine whether Bakkt is actually able to launch a viable product for the masses.

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