Autonomous Volvo trucks get the first real job

Autonomous Volvo trucks get the first real job

Volvo’s autonomous truck ‘Vera’ has got its first job. A collaboration with logistics partner DFDS gives Vera a first chance in the real world.

In a press release , Volvo Trucks announces that Vera, the brand new autonomous truck, has gotten its first job. The electric and self-driving vehicle will be part of a contract in which it will transport goods from a logistics center to a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For this assignment, Volvo Trucks works together with DFDS, a Swedish logistics company. With this first assignment, Vera can show her in practice. A year ago the Swedish car company launched project Vera. It would be the first electric and autonomous truck solution. During her journeys, Vera is connected to all factors in the logistics game.

The truck communicates online with logistics centers, factories and ports. In this way goods can be delivered with high precision, at least for short distances at the moment.

“We want to play a pioneering role in self-driving transports.”

Vera is the future

The company wants to be at the cradle of a sustainable transport solution. The new autonomous vehicles are much quieter, just leave emission rules behind and would be much safer. Vera is therefore the future for the transport world at all levels. “As Vera gains experience, it can be used in similar applications as a supplement to current transportation solutions.”

volvo vera truck

The new project looks very futuristic. The crew cabin has been completely removed, it resembles an autonomous vacuum cleaner or grass machine. Vera is packed with technology and sensors instead of a driver.

Volvo Trucks and DFDS

As mentioned earlier, Volvo Trucks works together with logistics partner DFDS. The Swedish company is located in Gothenburg and is a global player in logistics. The company has an annual turnover of 17 billion Danish Kroner and has 8,000 employees in 20 countries. So it is very important for Volvo to work with such a large partner, and it also allows Vera to deploy worldwide even faster.

In addition to trucks, the Swedish brand is also actively working with Uber for its self-driving XC90 as a taxi.

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