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Ahmed Habib
Ahmed is a Software engineer by profession. At a very young age he got his hands on the tech and gadgets and now cryptos have taken on his mind. From mining to working of the blockchain, he is after everything.
Solomon Kingsley
Soloman got involved with Bitcoin while studying his Masters in Finance. Since then, he has been writing blogs relating to the cryptocurrencies and latest news relating to the same. Now he has joined this platform to take his passion a step ahead.
Dima Zaitsev
Dima works as a Public Relations chief with a ICO facilitator. He is devoting his time to write news about the cryptocurrency and blockchain developments as he believes in the technology behind and want people to realize its true potential.
Ivy Riane
Ivy did her MBA in Finance. She is fascinated about cryptocurrency and has been following it since even before completing her masters. Her love for writing, her educational background and her fascination about cryptos makes her a perfect fit here.