Audi recalls electric e-tron due to fire hazard

Audi was one of the first renowned and luxury car brands to enter the electric car market. This time no car that burns, but a fire hazard with the Audi e-tron.

In some cases, electric cars are regarded as the future of driving. A few things will have to be done about the safety of the cars, and especially about the batteries that manufacturers use in the cars. During the past few weeks there have been two cases of Tesla models that caught fire at a charging station. The last accident with the batteries of a Tesla took place in Antwerp. Audi now indicates that its electric e-tron may be a fire hazard and is recalling the models for emergency repairs. It is about the Audi e-tron, which the German company is building in the Brussels region, the importer says.

The problem with the Audi e-tron has to do with the sealing of the car’s socket. Due to poor coverage, there is a possibility that water will reach the battery through the socket. A case where water is added to the batteries would be catastrophic, because a short-circuit can occur which could cause the batteries to catch fire. The German manufacturer indicates that the problem is related to a production error at one of its suppliers. In ‘intensive’ tests of this seal, Audi found that water could seep through. According to the manufacturer, there is no reason to worry about Audis catching fire, such cases are not yet known.

Recall promotion Audi e-tron

In its entirety, Audi is calling 1,650 cars back to dealers. In Belgium this is a relatively small number, only 200 e-trons are recalled to the dealer. If you are in possession of an e-tron, you can still use it for the time being. Audi indicates that you will receive a letter if your car is recalled. This letter also contains a special warning icon, which can appear in your dashboard. As soon as the icon appears, the manufacturer says, it is not advisable to still drive your e-tron; at that moment it is advisable to contact your dealer. In the US, owners receive compensation, if that is the case in Belgium too, remains unknown.

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