Ark OS is registered as a name for Huawei’s own operating system

Huawei is working on its own operating system to survive without the Google Play Store. Ark OS is now, after a patent application with the EUIPO, seen as a possible candidate for the name.

We are now almost a week and a half further since Google was the first to no longer cooperate with Huawei. Many companies followed, including the American ARM, and meanwhile Microsoft has also stopped cooperation. Since then, it has been known that Huawei is busy preparing its own operating system for a disclosure towards the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. A name for the operating system has not been suggested to date, although Huawei would have been working internally for years project called ‘Hongmeng’. In the meantime, applications have been submitted to the EUIPO, in order to register the name for its operating system, which may be Ark OS.

Three registrations with EUIPO

Android Headlines managed to find three applications from Huawei at the EUIPO. EUIPO stands for European Union Intellectual Property Office. Companies can register there to register brand names on other types of intellectual property. The three applications indicate that it is specifically about ‘designing and developing compiler software and operating systems for mobile devices’. There is also talk about ‘designing and developing mobile applications with compiler software’. In all cases, Huawei uses exactly the same terms in its applications to the EUIPO, although precise details remain protected.

Huawei is currently working on capturing HongMeng as a brand name for its upcoming operating system. Android Headlines, who managed to retrieve the applications from the EUIPO database, however, thinks there is a chance that Ark OS will be the name for the operating system. It would be surprising if Ark OS will be the name where Huawei will launch its operating system. Ark has a symbolic meaning through the Christian faith, hope is one of the connotations in the Western world. In the end, it does not necessarily have to be Ark OS . After all, Huawei also has names such as Huawei Ark and Ark separately in the patent application.

Ark OS based on AOSP?

A name will not make the difference for many users. Before it can become a success for Huawei, it will have to do a lot of work to make apps available for its operating system. Earlier leaks showed that Huawei would work on a method to run Android apps on its own operating system. There is also the chance that Huawei’s own OS is based on the well-known AOSP, an open-source version of Android. To make the transition easier, Apptoide would like to work with Huawei to bring an app store full of well-known apps to Huawei smartphones. We are already curious about the steps that Huawei will take.

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