Apple renames iOS for iPads to iPadOS

Apple renames iOS for tablets to iPadOS. The manufacturer announced this during its own WWDC developer conference. There are new features in iPadOS compared to iOS, especially to facilitate the use of multiple apps at the same time.

The move came out before the announcement during WWDC because Apple already mentioned iPadOS on its own developer site, in the list of operating systems for which developers can make software. Apple renamed the iPhone OS to iOS in 2010 when the iPad was released. Although the Apple Watch and Apple TV are running a derivative of iOS, the manufacturer called that software tvOS and watchOS and gave it its own version numbers.

The move should make it clear that the iPad software differs from iOS as it runs on iPhones. The operating system continues to be called iOS on iPhones, presumably because it also runs on the iPod touch, a new version of which was released last week.

Many changes are aimed at the iPad Pros. In this way, they benefit from the lower latency with input from the Pencil in iPadOS. That goes down from 20ms to 9ms, Apple claims. In addition, there is a PencilKit sdk for developers to integrate a set of editing tools with the Pencil into apps. Last year’s iPad Pros can finally do more with the USB-C port that Apple put in it. It will support USB sticks. In addition, it is possible to import photos directly into Adobe Lightroom or another photo program. That is not possible under iOS 12.

Changes have also been made to the interface. This makes it possible to place widgets on the left side of the homescreen. In addition, it is possible to open multiple windows of the same app, such as a mailbox and mail in different windows. They can be used side by side or completely independently of each other. Third-party apps also automatically support the new feature. Copying and pasting text is now possible with three-finger gestures, just like undoing an operation.

The slide-over function for apps now has its own home bar, so that it is possible to change from secondary app to screen. There are also keyboard shortcuts for Safari, which, from the upcoming version of iPadOS, also shows the desktop version of sites as standard, instead of the mobile version.

Another major change is in the Files app. That gets support for smb for file servers. In addition, iCloud Drive is given the option to share folders. Apple will release iPadOS this fall for the iPad Air 2 and newer, iPad Mini 4 and newer and all iPad Pros.

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