Apple removes all Force Touch options from iOS 13

Apple has not yet released iOS 13 to the general public, but it is gradually becoming known that Apple’s Force Touch system, for example, is unlikely to be experiencing the release of iOS 13.

Apple has added the so-called Force Touch function to its phones since the iPhone 6 (s). By means of Force Touch, the screen can recognize whether you just touch the screen or whether you really put pressure on it. This technology was then also used for the trackpad of the new MacBooks . From iOS 13, however, it is done with some of the functionality, according to the message from 9to5Mac . A number of functions still exist, but the actions of Apple in iOS 13 could be seen as the start of a new era. The company did not bundle the functions on its cheapest iPhones , but now it seems to mean the end of iOS 13 users.

No Force Touch in iOS

To date, users in iOS 12 can press extra hard on an icon to highlight additional functions, and it was also possible, for example, to remove the app in that way. Apple would remove this functionality with effect from iOS 13. There would still be two places in the system where you can use Force Touch: for example, with the phones that support the Force Touch system, you can press hard to make a cursor appear. In addition, you can use the keyboard that way as your place to scroll with Force Touch. Owners of the iPhone SE or XR, however, only benefit from it, so they get more functions.

Apple does wave the Force Touch principle, but prefers a different protocol. In addition, just like with Android, you have to hold down an item for a long time to perform an action. On the iPhone XR you could already reshape the keyboard for a longer time by holding down the space bar for a longer time. Furthermore, many of the functions, including the actions behind an icon on the home screen, can now be reached by holding down an icon for longer. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how Apple will process this exactly in iOS. We do not expect a final version of iOS 13 until the end of the 3rd quarter.

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