Apple Music exceeds 60 million users

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Watch out Spotify! Apple Music has 60 million active users since today.

Apple Music exceeds 60 million users

Today Eddy Cue, chief executive of Apple’s internet services, informed Numerama in France that Apple Music has reached 60 million customers.

Number of users rising quickly

The company provides an update for every additional 10 million users. The last update dates from April. So you see how quickly the Music app attracts users. The music streaming service has invested heavily in marketing campaigns since its launch and has also made various updates to fill in the missing functions .

The music streaming service aims to attract more users than Spotify. In less than 4 years the number of users has risen to 60 million. The company is expected to overtake Spotify (100 million users) at this speed, at least if it continues to invest in new and better functions that should make the application more attractive.

Apple also has less good news today. Chief designer and icon Jony Ive is leaving Apple. The man goes for a new challenge and starts his own company. There will still be close cooperation between him and Apple for exclusive projects, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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