Apex Legends receives new Legend, weapon and Ranked Mode on July 2

Respawn provided information about season two of Apex Legends during E3, including a new weapon and a new Legend . In addition, the game gets a ranked mode , consisting of six grades, starting in the second season. Season 2 starts on July 2.

A few things had already been discovered about the new Legend, but now the details are official. The Legend, named Wattson, is a blonde lady who speaks French and English. Her design revolves around electricity: she has invented the technology behind the ring , her tactical ability involves the creation of fences in the form of force fields and her ultimate is the Interception Pylon , a robot that shoots grenades and rockets from the sky, shields from nearby allies and the makes Wattson’s tactical charge faster. Respawn wants to provide tactically deeper gameplay with the new Legend.

The new weapon is the L-Star, also a weapon about which things already seemed to be known. It is a care package weapon, which cannot be found in the wild just like that. Just like the other two of these types of weapons, the ammunition is finite and can no longer be found. The L-Star is an experimental machine gun with a large warehouse, but it can also overheat if it is fired too long. Furthermore, doors can also be shot open, which no other firearm can do. The weapon was also in Titanfall 2.

Ranked Mode goes seasonally and the higher players finish, the better the rewards they get. Apart from the Elite Queue, it is the first time that rankings play a role at Apex Legends. Normally players are placed without distinction in lobbies of 60 players. Anyone who is going to enter Ranked Mode will have to go through six levels, from bronze to Apex Predator . Respawn notes that due to the rankings, matchmaking can take a little longer.

The rewards in season two this time will not be based on xp and levels, but weekly and daily challenges. Respawn also says that two new hop-ups , special upgrades for weapons, will be added and that the playing field will also undergo changes, a so-called map event . “Keep your eyes open for the coming month, see what you can find out,” says Drew McCoy of Respawn. With that he seems to be aiming for easter eggs that signal upcoming changes to the level. Some of that is also shown in the final frames of the trailer for Season 2: Battle Charge.

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