Amazon presents its new delivery

Amazon presented a new delivery on the first edition of its re: Mars conference yesterday. The company did not give too much information about specifications, but wants to start using the drone soon.

At the first edition of the Amazon re: Mars conference in Las Vegas, the e-commerce company presented its brand-new delivery. The drone has a hexagonal shape and is equipped with a kind of shield that must protect the propellers against wind. The drone is controlled completely electronically.

It is not entirely clear where Amazon will use these drones, but the company indicated that it wants to start using the ‘flying delivery men’ in the coming months.

Not all drones are the same

“The drone must be comfortable for our customers, but we go a little further by using the latest AI technology, ” the company writes on its blog . In concrete terms, this means that the drones operate completely independently, but on top of that they can also react to unforeseen circumstances.

Here too, the e-commerce company wants to focus on safety. In that interest, Amazon has developed the drone completely in-house to maintain complete control over the production process, from hardware and software to delivery to the customer.

The specifications

According to Amazon itself, its ‘flying delivery person’ has a range of 24 kilometers to bring packages to the customer. A package may have a maximum weight of 2.2 kilograms and the drone should be able to deliver an order within half an hour. What we don’t know are details about the battery, flight time or the speed of the new drone.

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