Alliance University to host blockchain summit in India

Alliance University to host blockchain summit in India

Alliance University to host blockchain summit in India

India has a large-scale cryptocurrency summit coming up. The event was organized by Alliance University specialists, who reported that a meeting with experts would take place even against the backdrop of the ban on digital assets in the country.

Cryptocurrency Summit in India

The Reserve Bank of India has previously passed a resolution banning the circulation of digital assets in the country. Blockchain does not fall under the embargo, which is actively used by large companies. Representatives of Alliance noted that there are cases of using cryptocurrencies as a means of settling with foreign enterprises, but all digital assets are immediately transferred to Fiat upon receipt of the accounts.

The event should be held and the presentation of representatives of CoinRecoil, which is the only over-the-counter start-up in India, developing software solutions for cryptocurrency holders. Company executives previously sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi demanding to revise the law on the circulation of coins.

The Bangalore Blockchain Summit will also be held online, so that everyone can listen to the speeches of experts. It is planned to invite at least 30 auditors and experts in the field of the distributed register and digital assets.

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