AirFrance is working on LiFi for high-speed internet in aircrafts

Wifi on board aircraft, in many cases it is not a great experience. AirFrance is now working with Oledcomm on LiFi to achieve transmission speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Internet on board of an aircraft: on international flights it is becoming a habit. However, it appears to be difficult for airlines to offer fast internet connections. AirFrance has taken the first steps to change that now. The French company has started a collaboration with Oledcomm, which is working with AirFrance on the implementation of the LiFi system in the aircraft. The system will be operational for the first time during the Paris Air Show, says Oledcomm. To test the system, which can reach speeds of up to 100Mbps, the recent winners of the Ubisoft esports competition are invited by the French company.

The Oledcomm system, known as LiFiMAX , must offer theoretical speeds of between 40 Mbps and 100 Mbps. If you compare it with a normal WiFi network in an aircraft of around 15 Mbps, you immediately see the big difference in maximum speed. With LiFiMAX it will be possible to stream 4K videos, as well as play games and of course browse the internet. Oledcomm cannot change anything about the signal that the aircraft receives, so there is still a chance that the maximum speed will fall due to the reception speed of the aircraft. The system should appear on AirFrance aircraft later this year.

Why is LiFi so fast?

Then there is only one question left: how the LiFi system can be so much faster than regular Wi-Fi connections. The answer is in technology. Instead of radio waves, LiFi uses light transmission to transfer data. Because of this form of data transmission, technology is faster in crowded areas and even a lot safer as light cannot penetrate walls. There are also disadvantages, for example, the system is a lot more expensive compared to normal connections, and the range is also a lot smaller at 29 meters. This raises the question of whether we will see this form of data connection more often in aircrafts, or whether it is a technology for the ‘ lucky few’ who are allowed to fly with AirFrance.

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