Adobe Fresco brings painting to the iPad

adobe fresco

Do you like to be creative on your iPad? Adobe brings Fresco to Creative Cloud, so you can paint wherever you want.

Adobe has a wide range of professional tools available via Creative Cloud. As a (professional) photographer you can, for example, get started with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. However, many creative people do not stick to a single hobby and for them there is now added Adobe Fresco , previously known as Project Gemini.

So anyone who likes to paint a portrait instead of taking a photo can work with Adobe Fresco later this year. That has got its name from an age-old Italian painting technique. It is not known when the app will be available correctly, but we do know that the private beta test is currently available. Adobe thus comes up with its own alternative to popular apps such as Procreate.

From the promotional video it is clear that Adobe wants to make Fresco much more than a regular Paint clone. This way you can clearly see that you can work in layers in order to be able to edit each object in your work separately, if desired even in Photoshop CC. To produce the most realistic representation possible, Adobe scientists have investigated, among other things, the interaction of different color pigments and the physics behind water and oil paint. In other words, you should get a lifelike result.

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