13-year-old prodigy publishes book on Bitcoin (BTC)

13-year-old prodigy publishes book on Bitcoin (BTC)

13-year-old prodigy publishes book on Bitcoin (BTC)

At just 11 years of age, Andrew Courey was fascinated with the concept of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin.

The idea of ​​writing a book about Bitcoin came when the young man was trying to explain to his father how it works.

“I got the idea in five seconds and went with it,” the 13-year-old told InsideEdition.com.

His objective? “To create something that was simple and understandable”, so that even children could understand the concept of crypto coins.

Earlier, Andrew’s father, Jeff Courey, said he was “skeptical” about his son’s quest to write about Bitcoin – after all, it’s “complicated and extremely technical,” Courey said.

So Andrew spent much of his free time after school and during the holidays in front of the computer writing.

The result was the book “Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin,” which was first published as a digital book on Amazon. Later, he also created a print version. The book is currently available in English only.

So far, he has earned about $ 4,600 from the sale of 1,500 copies online. Another 70 books were sold in person.

“Part of the reason I wrote it was that I thought it could make a difference,” Andrew said. “I wrote the book with the goal of introducing technology to children who did not know much about crypto coins.”

And he does not plan to stop there. Andrew, who has always had a passion for trying new things, wants to start his own technology business. He idolizes Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak. He is currently studying programming and application development.

“What I really want is to get an idea as I walk around and say, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea for an app’ and then creating it,” Andrew said.

His father believes this will happen someday.

“He keeps a list of all the different businesses he invented over time. He’s a very innovative kid,” said the proud father.

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